October 7, 2008  
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American Homeowners Association (AHA)® at a Glance


The American Homeowners Association (AHA)® (www.ahahome.com) delivers buying power, influence and consumer advice to millions of homeowners in every state across the nation. Frequently cited as the leading source of homeowner-related information in the media, AHA is often called "the AAA for homeowners." Headquartered in Stamford, Conn., AHA has provided its members with a wide array of benefits on home-related and financial services since 1994, including money-saving offers; advice on improving their lives at home; negotiating vital benefits on their behalf; educating and informing them on homeowner matters; and providing a unified voice on behalf of homeowners on important issues.

AHA is a member of the AHA Group, Inc. (formerly RealHome, Inc.), a holding company, and is a sister entity to the American Health Association (AHA Health) (www.ahahealth.com). Modeled after the American Homeowners Association, AHA Health delivers discount health care benefits to consumers and companies through its health discount membership program Healthy Advantage®.



AHA provides more than 30 key benefits to consumers, including access to a directory of pre-screened contractors and discounted services, such as home repair/improvement, income-tax preparation, legal services, travel services, grocery and local merchant coupons, vision services and more. For example, the organization provides an online comparison shopping service with leading brands that also offers free shipping for online purchases.

AHA also offers homeowners valuable information through access to its Homeowner's Property Tax Reduction Kit. The Kit is a comprehensive, step-by-step action guide for the 80 million American homeowners who want to protect their rights as property owners. It includes an 86-page manual providing instructions, tips, and forms that enable homeowners to use proven methods to reduce their property taxes by appealing any tax assessment that may be inaccurate or unfair.



AHA membership is open to all consumers, and owning a home is not a requirement. In fact, of the current membership, some twenty percent do not own homes. A full year's membership costs $99, with a 30-day risk-free trial membership being offered to first-time users at www.ahamembership.com.



AHA has been widely recognized for its successful service innovations, including being named to the InfoWorld E-Business 100 and acknowledged by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for its service and contributions to consumers. AHA's President, Richard Roll, has appeared on numerous national and local television outlets, including CNN, "The Wall Street Journal Report" and CNBC. In addition, AHA has been featured in more than 1,000 newspapers and magazines, including USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Business Week, Worth, Money and SmartMoney.

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