December 3, 2008  
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Featured Issue: Prevent Scalding

Babysitters Burn Safety Checklist

Babysitting is an important job, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. Please read the following tips so you'll know how to keep everyone safe from burns when you're babysitting:

Before the parents leave, write down the following information on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket or sock (in case there's a fire and you have to leave the house quickly):

  1. Telephone number where you can reach the parents
  2. Telephone number and address of a neighbor
  3. Address of the house where you are babysitting, including names of major cross streets.

When Preparing Meals:

  • REMEMBER, young children are active and serving hot food or drinks can result in accidents.
  • NEVER allow children to stand on a chair and help you cook. They could fall onto the hot stove.
  • ALWAYS turn pot handles toward the BACK of the stove. Children may grab them and spill hot food onto themselves.
  • If something on the stove catches fire, DON'T try to pick up the pan and move it. DO put the lid on the pot to smother the flames.
  • If you're cooking with grease, DO keep a box of baking soda handy. Baking soda will safely put out a grease fire. DON'T use water - Water will only spread the flames!
  • NEVER pass hot food or drinks over children. You may accidentally spill something or a child may reach up and knock it from your hands.
  • NEVER leave hot drinks like cocoa or tea within reach of small children. They may try to copy you and drink from the cup!
  • ALWAYS follow package directions closely when preparing food in a microwave, then test the temperature before serving.

If You're Bathing Children:

  • NEVER allow children to run their own bath water. Run it for them to make sure it's not too hot!
  • Test the water temperature with your hand or a bath thermometer BEFORE letting the child get in the tub. If the water feels too hot, add cold water and mix well, then retest the temperature.
  • NEVER leave a small child alone in the tub! He or she could turn on the hot water and get burned.


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