October 03, 2002  

Take the AHA Savings Challenge

See how much more money you can have this year!

Although all questions are optional, please answer as many questions as possible, so that we can accurately measure your potential savings.

1. How many people in your house wear glasses?   
2. How much money did you spend on travel last
3. How much money did you spend on hotels and motels
    over the past year?
4. How much money did you spend for purchases of
    name brand products (i.e. jewelry, small appliances,
    electronics, luggage, sporting goods, furnishings, etc.)
    in the past year?
5. Do you use grocery coupons?
    Yes    No  
6. Do you use a house cleaning service?
    Yes    No  
7. Are you planning any home improvement or remodeling projects?
    Yes    No  
8. How much money do you spend sending flowers or gifts
   each year?