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Curb Appeal is Critical

Did you know that the so-called ‘curb appeal’ of your home can do more to help sell your house than any expensive improvements you make indoors? It’s true, according to many real estate professionals.

Many Sellers Make Unnecessary Indoor Improvements

Don't waste time and money on fruitless enhancements that don't provide bang for the buck. Not only do many home sellers make unnecessary improvements, thinking they are sure to boost the appeal, experienced real estate sales agents say the wrong improvements can actually deter the sale of the home. Knowing how to dress a house for sale, and what improvements to avoid can save you thousands of dollars.

Here's a basic approach with ideas to boost your curb appeal.

Anything creative you can do to give your home a unique, tasteful personality will go a long way. For instance:

  • Sometimes it's adding a unique feature such as a trellis or gazebo.
  • It might be simply redesigning the front landscape and adding new flowers and shrubs.
  • Creating more usable space for outdoor barbecues, parties, or relaxation may be just the ticket to capture the homebuyer's fancy.
  • Installing a small patio with landscaping and planters around it will turn a bland backyard into a delightful space.
  • Trees are a simple improvement to greatly improve your outdoor ambience. They can add privacy in the backyard, or create a pastoral feeling with green space.

When making exterior improvements, follow these general principles:

  • Pull together some interesting features in the front of the house such as colorful shrubs or trees.
  • Plant bold, colorful annuals.
  • Create street access to the front of the house with a path or walkway.
  • It pays to enlarge or improve the porch.

Other exterior items that will lend beauty and functionality, include:

  • A patio and patio cover,
  • A seating wall
  • An outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or barbeque
  • Water features, such as a waterfall, fountain or pond
  • Replace any damaged or deteriorating concrete, brick, or flagstone.
  • Consider installing privacy screening or trellises and arbors to accent any entrance area.
  • Landscape lighting can add a touch of class.
  • Update and re-sod or replant the lawn.
  • If your grass is more than 20 years old, your lawn probably needs a makeover.

You may be surprised at how affordable a ‘curb appeal’ tune-up can be!

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