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The Natural Wonders of Holiday Decorating

You better watch out for the ho hums this season which will try to convince you not to deck the halls. They will tell you that you are too busy to show off your festive creativity. However, what a difference there would be in your domicile if you would not only capture the spirit of the season, but also express it in your surroundings. Nothing expresses the sincerity and beauty of the season quite like nature. Here are just a few natural touches.

First and foremost, bring a sense of focus and direction to your decorating. Try not to be whimsical in your choices, but rather, tell a story or embrace a theme. This can be as simple as choosing a dominant color, plant or seasonal fruit. Floral settings are a lively addition to almost any room. Natural flowers (whether roses, carnations, tulips or amaryllis) have custom-made qualities that will assist you in creating a cohesive holiday look. Be sure to spray them with mist and change their water daily. Garlands and centerpieces may need refreshing periodically, so, keep extra greens outside. Also, turn down your thermostat at night, to help preserve the flowers and greens. Fruit may also be used in these decorations. Use the least ripe pieces.

If you are up to it, make your own floral decorations. They are not hard to create. If you do not have the materials in your yard, get them for a nominal cost at a grocery, craft or garden store. Some items you may want to pick up are: floral picks with wire attached, floral wire, wire frames for wreaths, heavy green twine or waxed string, floral foam, cling (sticky clay), and a glue gun. Get enough to avoid last-minute trips to the store.

If your foliage includes an evergreen, get your tree early in the season. Tree lots usually get an early shipment of trees that get whipped from the outdoor elements toward the end of the season. First, measure the area in which you want to put the tree. Add a couple of inches for the tree stand (which should be able to hold a gallon of water) and the top ornament. Also, factor in that you are going to cut the base of the trunk a quarter inch from the original cut. When the tree is home and in the tree stand, check the water level daily.

Sources: House Beautiful and Home Magazine

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