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Froople searches over 3,000 of the Web's finest stores and makes it easy for you to choose the one that meets your needs.

Total Price with Personalized Tax and Free* Shipping 
Froople lets you shop smarter by making it easy to compare the total cost of your product from multiple stores. 

It's quick and easy:
Type in your ZIP code
Click "Calculate"
See total price calculated with sales tax and ground shipping costs
* If charged save up to $25 with our exclusive mail-in shipping rebate
Store Ratings and Reviews 
Froople offers thousands of store reviews and ratings from shoppers like you that make it easy to choose the right place to buy. 

Shoppers rate stores on a 1 to 5 check () scale for overall store satisfaction. Shoppers also provide more detailed ratings for on-time delivery and customer service levels. 

Store reviews include:
What they bought at the store
What they liked and disliked about the store
If they would buy from the store again
Dealtime Certified Stores 
Dealtime guarantees your satisfaction when you buy from a Dealtime Certified Store. Look for the Dealtime Certified logo before you buy: 

Stores earn a Dealtime certified rating with:
Outstanding customer ratings and reviews
Demonstrated excellence in customer service
Consumer-friendly policies and practices including a proper privacy policy and return policy 

>> Read our Dealtime certification requirements for more detail.
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