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How Ready Are You to Buy a Home?

Determining Your Dream Home and Finding It!

Factory Built Homes Are Worth a Look

Purchase Manufactured Homes with FHA Loan

How to Buy a Foreclosed Home

Pros and Cons of Corner Lots

Know the Neighborhood Before You Buy

Tune in to an Open House on the Radio

Finding a Qualified Broker or Agent

Shopping for a Loan and Choosing a Lender

How to Improve Your Credit

How to Survive the Loan Application Process

Making an Offer and Signing Contracts

Cancel Your Contract in 3 Days

Understanding the Closing/Settlement Process

Choosing Home Inspection and Settlement Professionals

Double Check Your New Home - The Walkthrough

Know Your Consumer Rights

Seniors Have Many Housing Opportunities

Preparing for the Big Day -- Relocating Moving

Make Your Home Your Castle - Cost Effective Redecorating Ideas


What Lenders Look For

It's not perfection.

Time for Self-Assessment

It's best if you take a look yourself before turning to a lender.

Before deciding you're ready to buy from a financial standpoint, and before you go to talk to a mortgage lender, try doing some self-assessment on your own.

  • How good is your credit (do you pay your bills on time)?

  • What's your current job situation?

  • Do you have any money saved?

The keys are having a sufficient, stable income to cover your monthly payments, the money for a down payment and closing costs, and a decent credit history. Fortunately, you don't have to get straight As in all three categories to qualify for a home mortgage loan. Again, no lender expects you to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Your strength in one area might balance your weakness in another.

Fine Tune Your Finances

A little tweaking may be all you need.

If you've had some past financial problems, it's not the end of the road; you just need to fix them before you try to purchase another home.

Even if you've gone through bankruptcy, all you need is time to handle your debts and repair your credit history. It may take a year or two, but it's well worth it. Perhaps your credit picture is not as black as the bankruptcy scenario but not picture perfect, either.

How much can you qualify for? With stable employment and income, you should be able to qualify for a mortgage loan worth almost twice your annual income. By taking time to improve your credit rating, you could raise that figure substantially.

But let's get specific

Let's start by looking at the pros and cons of homeownership and how it stacks up against renting as a review. Then we will also take a look at your current financial situation and how much you can afford right now.

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