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How Ready Are You to Buy a Home?

Determining Your Dream Home and Finding It!

Factory Built Homes Are Worth a Look

Purchase Manufactured Homes with FHA Loan

How to Buy a Foreclosed Home

Pros and Cons of Corner Lots

Know the Neighborhood Before You Buy

Tune in to an Open House on the Radio

Finding a Qualified Broker or Agent

Shopping for a Loan and Choosing a Lender

How to Improve Your Credit

How to Survive the Loan Application Process

Making an Offer and Signing Contracts

Cancel Your Contract in 3 Days

Understanding the Closing/Settlement Process

Choosing Home Inspection and Settlement Professionals

Double Check Your New Home - The Walkthrough

Know Your Consumer Rights

Seniors Have Many Housing Opportunities

Preparing for the Big Day -- Relocating Moving

Make Your Home Your Castle - Cost Effective Redecorating Ideas


Pop Quiz

Multiple Choice:

1. The best way to hunt for a home is to:

a. Go out and look at as many homes as possible until you find the one
b. Hook up with a real estate agent or broker and let them do the work
c. Do some research and know what you want before you begin

True or False:

2. Owning a condominium is no different than owning a single family home.
True False

3. Owning a co-operative apartment works the same way owning a condo works.
True False

4. A homeowners or condo association only governs the public areas of the community and doesn't affect what I do on my own property.
True False

5. The money I would pay each month to the homeowners or condo association would not affect the loan amount I could afford.
True False

6. I should make a list of wishes, wants and needs before looking for a home and not take any home that does not include all of my "need" items unless the home can be remodeled to meet that need.
True False

7. Remodeling should be an option when looking for my dream home.
True False

8. How long I plan on staying in the home doesn't matter to my search. The only thing that matters is finding the right home.
True False

9. Getting pre-qualified and pre-approved is the same thing.
True False

10. All loans are the same and it doesn't matter which one I get as long as I can still afford the house I want.
True False

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