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How Ready Are You to Buy a Home?

Determining Your Dream Home and Finding It!

Factory Built Homes Are Worth a Look

Purchase Manufactured Homes with FHA Loan

How to Buy a Foreclosed Home

Pros and Cons of Corner Lots

Know the Neighborhood Before You Buy

Tune in to an Open House on the Radio

Finding a Qualified Broker or Agent

Shopping for a Loan and Choosing a Lender

How to Improve Your Credit

How to Survive the Loan Application Process

Making an Offer and Signing Contracts

Cancel Your Contract in 3 Days

Understanding the Closing/Settlement Process

Choosing Home Inspection and Settlement Professionals

Double Check Your New Home - The Walkthrough

Know Your Consumer Rights

Seniors Have Many Housing Opportunities

Preparing for the Big Day -- Relocating Moving

Make Your Home Your Castle - Cost Effective Redecorating Ideas


Pop Quiz

Multiple Choice:

1. Choosing the right neighborhood is important for which of the following reasons:
a. the neighborhood affects your property value and price at resale
b. proximity to work, schools and conveniences affects your daily life
c. some towns and counties regulate home prices
d. you have to feel comfortable with the community you're in
e. all of the above

2. Which of the following affects your potential commute to and from work?
a. distance to workplace
b. traffic congestion
c. access to public transportation
d. all of the above

3. Which of the following factors determine school choice?
a. standardized test scores compared to state or national averages
b. class size
c. distance from home, i.e., length of car or bus ride
d. all of the above

4. Which of the following are potential neighborhood nuisances to avoid?
a. future home construction projects that could crowd the neighborhood or roads
b. sports arenas, highways or airports
c. trees that drop leaves on the street
d. cars parking on your street from neighborhood businesses

5. A buyer-broker agent can assist in your home search by:
a. identifying homes on the Multiple Listing Service
b. providing expertise about neighborhoods, home values and the real estate market
c. providing objective information and pros and cons for a particular neighborhood or home
d. all of the above

True or False:

6. Homes farther out from the city are generally higher in price
True False

7. Homeowner associations can dictate the use and appearance of homes and yards
True False

8. A neighborhood's character can change at night
True False

9. New-home salespersons are usually the best source of information on possible problems from future construction or neighborhood nuisances
True False

10. Finding the right home is a matter of balancing a home's features, price and the neighborhood it's in
True False

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