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Facts about Agents

All the details. Or at least most of them.

Important Facts to Remember
This could help a lot!

There are a couple of important things to remember when looking for a professional Real Estate Agent. First of all, if you use a traditional Real Estate Agent, the seller pays them. This can be good and bad. The good news is that since you don't pay the agent, you don't have to worry about how much time you spend looking for a home. If you don't wind up purchasing a home in that area, you have spent nothing more than time. That is good. The bad news is that because the agent is working for the seller, they are bound by law to represent the seller to the best of their ability, not you as the buyer.

Hold Your Tongue

If the seller is paying...don't talk too much!

You need to remember that when talking to your agent. If you tell your agent that you'll pay $100,000 for the home, but you would be willing to go up as high as $110,000 if the seller doesn't accept your offer, your Agent may very well tell the seller exactly what you said. This isn't in your best interest but it does serve their main client, the seller. There is another reason the agent will want you to pay the most you can for any house you purchase, and that is a strictly financial incentive. A Real Estate Agent's commission is based on what you pay for a home. The more you pay, the more they get. In the end, even though it doesn't seem like you pay an agent, you really do.

Now Let's Look at Your Other Options

Brokers and other choices.

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