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Professional Services for Real Estate Buyers

What needs to be done.

Closing Work
There is a lot of it!

Settlements are paper heavy. There are stacks of papers to sign and review. The problem is who is going to prepare all those documents and make sure they are all done properly?

The answer is your settlement professionals. You will need to have someone to take care of a host of tasks, including:

  • Contract Review-this is actually best done before it is signed, but it doesn't hurt to have it reviewed at closing to be sure everything has been done according to the contract itself.

  • Title Search Examination-before you close, you have to make sure the title is clean. This means that there are no liens against the property for any reason. A title search is the best way to do this. In most cases, your broker or attorney can arrange a title search.

  • Prepare and Review Loan Documents-mortgage lenders will prepare the documents for the closing, but it doesn't hurt to have someone review them. Things can change dramatically for you if one small decimal gets in the wrong place.

  • Prepare and Record the Deed-once you buy a property, the deed has to be transferred. When a home is financed with a mortgage, the lender holds the deed.

  • Arrange for Survey of Property-this is a site survey that tells you about your plat and lot. It marks your property.

  • Escrow agent-you will need someone to transfer funds from the escrow account to assigned parties.

  • Prepare Settlement Sheet-this is a sheet that details costs of the settlement and who pays for each item. This should be carefully reviewed prior to settlement, and must comply with the terms of the contract.

As you can see, a lot goes into a settlement. It isn't just a contract and loan application. Most first-time buyers are amazed at the sheer amount of paperwork that is produced for one closing, and even seasoned veterans are amazed each time they sit down at the settlement table. Prepare to be signing for a long time.

There is a key...

The key to a successful closing is to know what you are signing and to have qualified counsel. Since your home is your largest single asset, it pays to have someone on your side keeping your best interests at heart. That may mean a qualified real estate attorney or/and a buyer broker. It depends on your needs. You will also need to be able to find qualified home inspectors to look for damage.

Finding the Right Ones

You need professionals who know what they are doing and who can work for you.

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