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Your Home Energy Assessment

The way to stop wasting and start saving is to pinpoint the places in your home where most homes leak air, sap electricity or burn fuel inefficiently. And that's with a Home Energy Assessment.

An energy assessment or audit tells you which parts of your house use the most energy and how to reduce your energy use in the most cost-efficient way. You can do it yourself or hire a professional home energy auditor.

Find a Free Utility Energy Audit

Better yet, contact your local gas or electric utility and ask if they offer audits for free or for a nominal charge.

Use The Fine-Toothed Comb
To save even more

You need to look at your home carefully with all these systems in mind: remember, your home's energy picture involves more than just the furnace or air conditioner. An audit should look at:

  • the level of insulation all through the house;

  • holes or cracks where air can leak into or out of the home; � open fireplace dampers;

  • appliances and heating and cooling systems;

  • overall lighting needs and use patterns, including reducing the time lights are on, and

  • switching to energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs.

The Assessment Tells You WHERE to Fix the Problems. The next step is deciding HOW to achieve your Energy-Saving Plan.

The Next Big Step

Getting the most for your money...

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