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Insulate Where?

Start with the Attic

You�d Have to Be Crazy...
To not insulate the attic!

You really have bats in your belfry if you're not thinking about attic insulation. It's the easiest place to add insulation, and a major source of energy loss you where you can stop the bleeding right away. Go upstairs and measure the insulation you currently have. Make sure your attic insulation is thick enough to prevent heat transfer.

Choose from the 3 Rs
Hint: We�re not talking about reading, writing and arithmetic!

  • R-22, The Minimum

    If you have less than R-22 (7 inches of fiberglass or rock wool, or 6 inches of cellulose) you need more!

  • The Middle Rs

    This is the range between R-22 and R-49, where you should be.

  • R-49, The Maximum

    This is the range above R-50.

Still Uncomfortable? There is still hope. If you're shivering in winter or sweating it out in summer, and you already have adequate attic insulation, what the heck is going on? Chances are you need to add insulation to your exterior walls. The other places to look are the basement, crawl spaces, and floors.

Insulation Wrap-Up:
Final Hints.

  • Providing proper air ventilation (using attic vents, for example) will reduce moisture and control summer cooling bills.

  • Recessed lighting can be a major source of heat loss: special insulation (IC) may be needed here.

  • Use higher density insulation in cathedral ceilings and exterior walls.

  • Follow product instructions for proper installation and wear protective gear for safety from toxic hazards or to avoid injury.

That's the Wrap-Up on Insulation. Now it's time to Weatherize and ECONOMIZE even more on your energy bill.

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