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How to Save on Energy Bills

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Pitfalls to Avoid

1. Not realizing that you could be wasting up to 50% of your energy.

2. Not realizing that the energy you use in your home is a drain on the environment and has detrimental effects.

3. Not taking a home energy assessment to see if you are wasting energy and how.

4. Ignoring the fact that many local utilities offer free energy audits.

5. Forgetting that small things can make a difference. Just plugging up small holes in your home can seal leaks and save energy.

6. Not comparing the cost versus value of energy efficient appliances. Check what you currently spend versus what you would spend with the energy efficient model and figure out how long it would take to pay for the upgrade. In most cases, it will be worth it.

7. Ignoring your insulation needs. You may need an update there too. If you haven't insulated since the 1980s, you may want to look at some of the newer materials available.

8. Thinking weather has nothing to do with it. Weatherizing is key to saving energy. Look at all the ways you can keep the weather out of your home.

9. Losing heat and cold. Since heating and cooling are 44% of your total energy bill, your next big step is to look at how to retain your heat and cold

That's It!

Follow this Mini-Course for designing and fulfilling your Energy Plan. You'll be the coolest and the hottest homeowner, even when the weather outside is the opposite! Plus you'll do the environment a big favor. Let's do the Quiz.

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