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It's the Same Old Story:

Buyer Beware

Fraud Alert...
It does happen.

Every few years, a news report comes out on incompetence and fraud in home inspections. Just a few horror stories are enough to give the whole industry a black eye.

The worst case scenario is real estate agents and home inspectors working in cahoots with each other to hide defects from homebuyers.

Fraud Isn't the Biggest Problem
It's Incompetence.

But the problem for most consumers isn't just avoiding fraud, it's making sure whoever they hire has enough experience and knowledge to do a good job. And that's not exactly easy because most states don't even require home inspectors to be licensed. (Unless they're inspecting for asbestos or lead-in-paint.)

In those states, anyone with a flashlight and a clipboard can do a home inspection.

Sure, It's Easy to Say BUYER BEWARE

But HOW do you select a qualified home inspector? Answer that question by asking more questions—of your inspector.

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