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Pitfalls to Avoid

1. Not realizing that paying for a qualified home inspector could save you thousands in the long run. A good inspection can detect problems that are not readily visible to the untrained eye.

2. Being blind to the fact that scams happen all the time and that this is one area that is ripe for a con.

3. Hiring a home inspector that also offers home repair. This is a conflict of interest and should always be avoided.

4. Not checking the credentials of the home inspector. Ask tough questions and check with the local Better Business Bureau.

5. Not interviewing the home inspector before hiring them. How can you know if they are qualified if you don't talk to them?

6. Going on the sole recommendation of your real estate agent. This may not be the best way to find your home inspector. A real estate agent can work for both the seller and buyer. That means a split loyalty (leaning toward the seller). It's best if you find your home inspector on your own.

7. Not asking questions about the home inspection and knowing exactly what it entails.

8. Accepting vague answers or ones that you don't understand.

That's It! That's the Way to Hire a Qualified Home Inspector

Congratulations, you've just AVOIDED a cracked foundation or leaky basement, or deteriorating plumbing, or other problems that could come back to haunt you.

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