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Get the Lead Out!

Find Out if You Have It

If you're about to paint, renovate or remodel an older home, or if you have young children or a pregnant mother in the house, DON'T GAMBLE. Get your paint tested for lead. The cost of the test is minimal compared to the health protection it buys your family.

Cover It, Remove It, or Wipe It...
But Do It RIGHT!

Removing lead-based paint improperly can actually increase the danger to your family. Working around lead paint can produce toxic dust that can be inhaled. Hire a professional lead testing and abatement firm. Remember, simply painting over lead-based paint with non-lead paint isn't a long-term solution.

  • Cover It

    You can spray the surface with a sealant or cover it with gypsum wallboard. Sealing or covering lead paint can be cheaper than removal.

  • Remove It

    Wet methods help reduce the amount of lead dust during removal. Be sure the professionals contain the lead dust and fumes. Wet-clean all areas before re-entering.

  • Wet Mop and Wipe

    Another way to contain lead dust is to periodically wet mop and wipe surfaces and floors with a high phosphorous (at least 5%) cleaning solution. This is a preventive measure and is NOT an alternative to replacement or removal.

Shed More Light on Lead
Another look.

Contact your state and local health departments' lead poisoning prevention programs, or the housing authorities for more information. They can tell you about testing labs and contractors who can safely remove lead-based paint. Or contact the National Lead Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-424-LEAD. That's How to Get the Lead Out!

Remember to get professional help.

But that's NOT the last word on lead if you're a homebuyer or seller...

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