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How to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Build a Safe Home Playground

Make Your Home a Safe Haven for Kids

Avoid Grill Fires, Explosions and CO Poisoning

Don't Let a Burglar Ruin Your Vacation

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Are Your Cleaning Products Making Your Family Ill?

Localities Crack Down on Homeowners Alarm Calls

Radon Sends Ripples through Water Systems

Are you a Hazardous Waste Case?


Pitfalls to Avoid

1. Ignoring daily threats that may exist in your home.

2. Not finding out how to test for these dangers or how to correct them.

3. Not realizing that more children die from home accidents than all childhood diseases combined.

4. Not being paranoid about safety and health in your home.

5. Not taking action and making a plan to rid your home of risks.

6. Not testing for lead, radon or other hazardous materials that can cause illness, injury and death.

7. Not knowing your rights about lead paint disclosure.

8. Not checking all labels for age recommendations.

9. Not being vigilant in your search for hazardous items within your home.

10. Ignoring electrical hazards and protecting small children from them.

11. Not paying attention to the threat of burns and scalds and taking action to prevent these injuries. 12. Not doing a room-by-room check for hazards.

13. Not seeking advice on child-proofing your home.

14. Not knowing the danger zones.

That's the Basic Map to the Danger Zones
(and how to steer clear of them)

And that's HOW to make your home a SAFE HAVEN. Keep on keeping it safe. Let's do the Quiz!

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