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How to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe

Build a Safe Home Playground

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Avoid Grill Fires, Explosions and CO Poisoning

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Radon Sends Ripples through Water Systems

Are you a Hazardous Waste Case?


Playground Hazards and Safety Tips

1. Install Guard Rails - Platforms more than 30" above the ground should have guardrails to prevent falls.

2. Avoid Unsafe Openings - In general, openings that are closed on all sides, should be less than 3 1/2" or greater than 9". Openings that are between 3' 1/2" and 9" present a head entrapment and strangling hazard.

3. Remove Pinch or Crush Points - There should be no exposed moving parts that may present a pinching or crushing hazard.

4. Never Wear Bicycle Helmets on the Playground - Bike helmets can get stuck in openings on playground equipment, resulting in strangulation or hanging.

5. Avoid Dressing Children in Loose or Stringed Clothing on the Playground. Clothing strings, loose clothing, and stringed items placed around the neck can catch on playground equipment and strangle children.

Remember to supervise, and teach your child safe play. Teach your child not to walk or play close to a moving swing, and never to tie ropes to playground equipment.

It's not hard to make your playground safe, when you work from the ground up.

Install protective surfacing on the ground, use safe equipment, and maintain your play area.

With this game plan, the call is "safe at home!"

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