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Why and Where to Use Them

That's where arbors and trellises come into usefulness. You can use their charm and vertical elements to create an appealing panorama, frame a particular line of sight or to screen an eyesore. Arbors and trellises can add unexpected new dimension to your garden.

Tickle Your Imagination

Imagine attaching to one wall of the garage a long narrow half-arbor as a semi-covered walkway. Or installing an inviting archway of roses over the back door. How about using L-shaped sections of trellises to transform what was once a flat, bland yard into an intricate maze for exploration and discovery?. A bower of vines can offer shady seclusion to a dining patio or a hide-away hammock.

Outwit the Neighbors

Got nosy neighbors? Why not install simple six-foot trellises directly into a few of those whisky barrels sitting on the deck and then strategically position the barrels to discreetly block your neighbor's view of your deck activities? A fast-growing or evergreen vine will work wonders for your mood.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Always had a hankering to grow your own fruit trees but never thought you had enough space? All you need is a sunny side wall or fence to espalier or train a dwarf fruit tree into a surprisingly productive and easy-care shape. In fact, growing fruit this way actually reduces the amount of time it takes for a tree to become "fruitful".

Arbors or trellises are as varied as they are versatile. In addition to adding structure and visual interest, they can support a rich variety of plants. Picking new plants is as much fun as designing and building your arbor or trellis-- in fact, plant selection is just as important.

Where Do You Start?

We'll describe some of the installation possibilities and then it's up to your vivid imagination to create one (or several) to provide the right touch to your landscape. Let's get started!

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