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Trellises Transcend Gravity

Lean on Me

Trellises provide support for foliage, and sometimes they disappear entirely if that's their sole purpose. Or they can provide an artistic touch unto themselves. Just about anything, anywhere, from wooden slats on the wall to freestanding posts, will suffice.

Giving Form to Chaos

A trellis can unify and bring order to a busy mass of plants. One high rectangle, or a screen of rectangles, brings form and function on the foreground of plants. The classic fan trellis can highlight climbing plants and provide a background to contrast with the plain brick wall.

Cheap and Simple

Don't go overboard on materials, especially if all you need is simple support for your plant. Wire mesh is a low-tech solution that will disappear under a thriving plant.

Use Whatever's Lying Around

Got some spare 4x4 lumber and a length of chain? Cut several posts and install them securely in the ground. Then drape the chain between the posts, and you have a rustic trellis ready for planting.

Buy It or Design It Yourself

Your home improvement center or favorite gardening catalogues all should carry a variety of pre-fabricated trellis frames in wood or plastic. These lightweight frames are perfect for deck or balcony gardening, as well as the backyard. Simply anchor the frame into the ground or container. If it's tall and needs additional support, secure it to an adjacent railing, panel, fence or wall.

If you're eager to use the woodshop, you can easily design your own out of lathe strips. Bamboo stakes come in a variety of lengths, also from the above-mentioned sources.

That's how trellises can transcend the tedious garden. Let's move on to plants.

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