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Fences Make Good Neighbors

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The Civilizing Fence

Fence-building isn't a recent idea. It is an ancient tradition, going back to a time when our nomadic human ancestors corralled their herd animals for safety from predators after dark. We can still see the low stone fences in New England that were built during Colonial times as farmers cleared the rocky soil for crops and marked their field and property boundaries with the abundant and durable material.

Variants of the split rail fence, another Colonial-era style of simple boundary marking, remain popular to this day. Decorative iron or picket fences accompanied residential architecture into the 20th Century. Imposing mortar-wall fences have encircled entire cities and private estates for thousands of years. In fact, wherever there is civilization, a fence of one sort another is bound to make an appearance. The reason is simple, and it's the title of this short course: Fences Make Good Neighbors

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