By Paul Bianchina
Distributed by Inman News Features
July 1, 04  3:10 AM

How to install floor heating systems

Electric trimmers save on sweat

Exploring deck rail options

Bathroom subfloor undergoes leak repair

Proper masking essential to quality paint job

Spirit level raises real estate construction quality

Second-floor additions make real estate sense

Temporary guardrails revamp real estate construction

Real estate repairs a springtime priority

Panel-siding replacement may alter building strength

Bedroom closet design gets revamped

How do I repair a broken ceramic tile?

Below-grade plumbing a growing real estate concern

Intercom systems keep getting better, cheaper

Hide-A-Door Bookshelf makes debut

Explaining the mysterious U-value

Rolling ladders not just for libraries

FrameSaver to the doorjamb rescue

Special mixes for concrete fixes

Access a top concern for attics, crawlspace

Different windows appease different folks

Creating a convenient winter home for pets

Finding space for home office

Cordless cleanup a home improvement joy

Proper sizing essential for electric wall heaters

How do I store building materials safely?

Safety tips for hanging exterior Christmas lights

Home improvement books make perfect gifts

Cool tools for this year's holiday shopping list

The ABCs of home thermostats

Repair options for ailing septic system

Pop riveter a handy addition to any toolbox

A bathroom fit for a wheelchair

How do I deal with water damage?

Acrylic a home improvement wonder

How not to install common building materials

Luxury toilet seats uncover art of pampering

Design for a memorable staircase

Save home from ground water intrusion

Protecting your firewood investment

Right tool simplifies bathroom faucet replacement

'Bright, airy' kitchen boosts home value

Put some life into your roof

Retaining wall construction made fun

Garage in a box

Deadbolts offer inexpensive home security

Avoid falling down on the job

Framing that stands the test of time

Make your bathroom a perfect fit

Attic ventilation gets New England touch

Outdoor storage provides quick fix

Balconies 'brace for the worst'

Framing you can live with

Give your fence the portal it deserves

Don't let noncompliance take you down in flames

Home only as strong as its parts

Creating space fit for a mother-in-law

Taking fixtures to new heights

Buff out that backyard shine

Get the prime cuts from your saw

It's time for spring fix-ups

The right door for the job

Remodeling tools of the trade

Working with sheet metal

The great garage conversion

More than just a coat of paint

How dangerous is that mold?

Bright alternatives for kitchen lighting

Leave water damage fix-up to the pros

Proper fillers help with all kinds of patching problems

Post bases simplify and strengthen post installation

Affordable options

Big tools for big timbers

Simplifying the installation of curved trim

Manufactured homes stir up indoor air quality concerns

Holding it all together

Skylights offer a great option for light and ventilation

Add some books to your toolbox

Drywall texture is a matter of taste and technique

Old-style paints—got milk?

Holiday tool ideas for the home handyperson

Chill out the chills

Creating safe attic storage

Does your lumber make the grade?

A clean chimney is essential for safety and efficiency

Asbestos in your home?

Shelving options

Understanding plywood

Everything including the kitchen sink

Insulation solutions for solid walls

Do you have what it takes?

Building a home sauna

New rules for pressure-treated wood

Hassle-free home wiring

Solutions for wine lovers

Dress up basement ceilings

Tool takes out the grunt work

The 'outdoor' hardwood floor

Low-cost cooling options

Central vacuums offer convenience, power