Inspector's in the House
By Barry Stone
Distributed by Inman News Features
June 6, 04 7:04 PM

The Mold Scare: Reaction vs. Reality

New-home buyer denounces sub-par construction

Snow cover fails to impede real estate inspection

Home inspector distances self from financial advice

Toilet inspector overlooks overflow

Mortgage market 'driving blind' on defect disclosure

Is mold in shower toxic?

Neighbor not stuck with dog stench

Buyer regrets not having home inspection

Weak inspection hints at Realtor kickback

Clogged toilet needs a super-hero fix

How seriously should I take buyer's repair list?

Major roof problem omitted from inspection report

Leaky shower pan oozes trouble

Buyers become do-it-yourself home inspectors

Buyer suspicious of team home inspectors

Buyers unhappy with agent's home inspector

Should old home inspection reports be disclosed?

Encroaching neighbor hinders property improvement

How do I deal with undisclosed defects?

Plastic dryer vent violates construction code

Neighborhood nuisance rains on buyer's parade

Controversy plagues garage water heaters

Home inspector missed water heater problem

Home buyer afraid of gas appliances

Homeowner endorses illegal dryer vent

Sellers face off against buyers' repair demands

Are home inspectors liable for concealed defects?

Guidelines for negotiating property defects

Why are so many home inspectors code-oblivious?

Home inspector a scapegoat for unfair claims

Is building code compliance part of home inspection?

How can I avoid negligent home inspector?

What is an ASHI home inspector?

Buyer belittles home inspection

Defect disclosure a 'turning point' in real estate

When buyers miss home inspection, they 'miss the boat'

How to negotiate purchase after inspection

Vintage home a likely hotbed of defects

Buyer unsure how to interpret home inspection

Home inspector gives skeptical agent 'rude awakening'

Deciding on home defects you can live with

Dual pane windows may need replacing

Bad advice may land inspector in court

Prudent buyers pre-select home inspectors

Sellers accused of hiding defects

Uninformed buyer left with big repair bills

Home inspectors accused of sidestepping mistakes

Inspector labeled a 'lackey for Realtors'

Water heater disagreement comes to a boil

Seeking disclosure in a world of doubt

'Structural integrity' not the highlight of inspection

'Ventless' fireplaces put damper on health

Choosing a home inspection franchise

Cottage cheese may be hazardous to health

Faulty firewall festers in garage

Age of home may be a mystery

Unpermitted addition a red flag

Basic questions about home inspection

Aluminum wire fire hazard

Checking carbon monoxide

Fixer-uppers need inspections too

Seller to forbid home inspection

A fence can be offensive

Inspections stir confusion

Do-it-yourself inspection ill advised

Home inspections should not include septic systems

Repair or disclose?

Moisture wreaks havoc

When and why to disclose

Dealing with devious developers

Buyers crack into cracked slab

Buyer burns over undisclosed fire

Hillside drainage debacle causes odor

The mold scare: Reaction vs. reality

Home inspector missing scruples

Worst problems seen by home inspectors

Buyers cowed by unfriendly home inspector

Air conditioner full of hot air

Invisible problems spell trouble

Buyer skeptical about one-hour home inspection

Pros and cons of old and new homes

No such thing as a 'flawless' house

How to negotiate after the inspection

The no-contingency tightrope

Weigh the costs of old vs. new

Inspector's implied relationship to agent strikes a nerve with buyer

Buyer regrets foregoing home inspection

Buyer questions drainage assurances

Reader disagrees about water heater piping

What's the point of condo inspection?

Which defects are deal killers?

Determining responsibility on hidden damage

Inspector grapples with report disclosure

Learning by 'hard experience'

House hunt with your head

FSBO sale takes a turn

Regard seller's refusal as a 'red flag'

No-fault non-disclosure

Post-escrow drain damage