Lighting Can Add a Lot of Sparkle to Home

March 4, 2001

The goal of lighting design is more than adding or replacing light fixtures. Homeowners frequently miss the chance to create harmony and style with their home's interior and exterior.

"Remember to look before you light," said Richard Roll, president of the American Homeowners Association. "Lighting offers an opportunity to highlight interior features and architectural design elements in your home."

Homeowners need to consider colors, patterns, textures and styles of their existing design scheme. Mismatching those elements, or over- or under-decorating, is a recipe for tacky results. If in doubt, consult with a professional interior designer, Roll said.

Remember to consult local building officials about specific building, fire and safety codes.

A wide assortment of lamps and beam patterns are available to provide dramatic accents to your home's decorating theme. Recessed downlighting allows you to focus on objects highlighted without glare by precision beams of light.

Energy-efficient recessed downlighting can produce a wall wash as well as provide for general ambient illumination. Dimmable recessed fixtures can change the mood of an area or accent an entryway with low voltage spotlights.

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