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Online Education Center Lets Homeowners Go Back To School Over The Internet

STAMFORD, Conn., May 23, 2002 - With spring in the air many homeowners are assessing the outside of their homes for winter wear and tear. How did your home survive the winter? Are you considering a spring renovation project? Did you create a "punch list?" What's the matter? You don't know what a "punch list" is let alone how to create one? A "punch list" is a list of minor issues that may still need the contractor's attention, created to help you with your walk-through or inspection.

If you are among the thousands of homeowners across the country who stress out about similar details, you can rest easier now. The American Homeowners Association (AHA)®, a national consumer alliance membership organization that has been called the AAA for homeowners has launched AHA Home University, available free to its members online 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

AHA Home University is the most comprehensive, impartial education center for homeownership on the Internet. Web-surfers can check out AHA Home University at http://www.ahahome.com. Here, homeowners and first-time home buyers can find valuable lessons on everything from "Assessing your Home-Buying Readiness" to the ancient art of "Feng Shui." AHA Home University is free to registered members. "AHA Home University has everything that a homeowner needs to graduate to a better lifestyle. First-time homebuyers and homeowners can enroll in the most comprehensive home owning education center on the Internet," said Richard J. Roll, President & CEO of The American Homeowners Association (AHA).

AHA Home University's six departments offer over 100 copywrited course titles in the areas of Buying Your First Home, Home Buying Refresher, Home Living, the Great Outdoors, Your Financial House and Home Safe Home. The courses vary in length from full, half-hour classes to "1-click courses" that will take 15 minutes or less. For example, "How to Buy Appliances" is a full, 5-part course that teaches you about the various types of kitchen and household appliances and how to evaluate various features. This particular course rounds out your lesson with an optional, self-administered quiz on the subject matter. But if you don't have much time or still suffer from the flashbacks of midterm exams, perhaps the shortened "1-click" courses are the best choices for you.

In addition, American Homeowners Association (AHA) members are also able to customize their own courseware options in for lessons tailored to their individual needs. Using a proprietary technology, homeowners can build their own courses and pursue their own specific areas of interest much like college students customizing a major.

"In many ways, being a homeowner is a lifelong process of learning and skill development. With AHA Home University, homeowners can make the best use of their time and feel better about making intelligent decisions after learning all the facts," Mr. Roll added.

The education center was created using the extensive expertise of The American Homeowners Association and outside experts and has already won the praise of homeowners around the country. "The content of the articles is excellent and I could spend all day just roaming around getting information for my future projects," said Cathy Burns of Canaan, Maine.

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