We already knew that!

August 11, 2001

A survey produced by the National Association of Corporate Real Estate has told Tampa-St Petersburg residents what they've known all along: The Tampa Bay metropolitan area is one of the top 40 real estate markets in the nation.

Of 329 metropolitan areas, the bay area ranks No. 19, putting it in the top 6 percent. High vacancy rates, low rental/leasing rates and low construction costs are signs of a vibrant real estate market.

The weather probably doesn't hurt either.

Keeping your cool

If you're sweating monthly utility bills during the heat of a Florida summer, the American Homeowners Association has a few tips for you:

  • Install attic insulation.
  • Replace AC filters monthly.
  • Install ceiling fans.
  • Keep the outside AC unit clear of debris or shrubs.
  • Plant trees and shrubs to shade your home.
  • Check with your utility company to see if you can divide annual energy costs into equal parts so you don't have sudden spikes.

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