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Rising Property Taxes Among the First Issues Addressed by the "Homeowners Action Center" (HoAC) -- An On-line Link For Homeowners to Reach Their Government Representatives

STAMFORD, CONN. (October 5, 2004) - The American Homeowners Association (AHA)®, which has delivered buying power, influence and consumer advice to millions of homeowners across the country since 1994, today introduced its Homeowners Action Center (HoAC) to the public at www.hoac.ahahome.com. The AHA's HoAC provides a non-partisan platform allowing individuals to easily express their voice on issues, news or concerns of special interest to the nation's more than 100 million homeowners. Beginning this month, the HoAC is posting a series of issue perspectives and statements, or "Action Alerts," which provide homeowners an opportunity to voice their opinions directly to their elected representatives via the HoAC. The HoAC electronically delivers each participant's letters directly to their corresponding legislative representatives and to the White House.

"Homeowners represent the largest single voting block in the United States," said Richard J. Roll, AHA's founder and president. "The HoAC provides an easy, effective tool for the nation's homeowners to collectively reach out to their elected representatives and have their opinions heard."

The first Action Alert offered on the HoAC tackles the rising tide of local property taxes, a costly homeowner issue that AHA addressed through its publication of the "Homeowner's Property Tax Reduction Kit." This 86-page toolkit and guide is available free to all individuals for a limited time together with a one-month no obligation preview membership in the AHA, at www.homeownertaxcut.com.

An additional Action Alert featured this month on the HoAC focuses on:

  • Homeowner Associations/Common Interest Developments
    • 50 million American homeowners are affected.
    • Congress must take appropriate steps to protect homeowners from non-judicial foreclosure by local homeowner associations and common interest development groups.

Future topics will include the middle class squeeze and whether national trends surrounding working family income, employment and wages and benefits are moving in the right direction.

"Elections come only every few years, but the HoAC allows the weight of homeowners' sentiments to be heard by those in power on an ongoing basis, helping shape responses to these issues and the emergence of key proposals," added Roll. "It's time to mobilize one of the nation's most significant and fragmented constituencies."

The HoAC is open to all at no charge by visiting www.hoac.ahahome.com.

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