How to Save on Energy Bills

How to Save on Energy Bills

Why Take this Mini-Course?
Because high utility bills drain your energy and wallet.

What you will learn about in this course:

Obtaining a Home Energy Assessment
Getting the Most for Your Money
Insulating Your Home
Learning About Where to Insulate
Weatherizing Your Home
Heating and Cooling Tips
Pitfalls to Avoid
Pop Quiz
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How Much Do You Spend?
Just on utility bills?

How much do you spend annually on your home utility bills? The average household spends $1,300, more than $100 per month. But here's the budget-busting truth: Up to 50% of the average utility bill is WASTED. With a tweak of the thermostat and a flick of the light switch, you could be blowing hundreds of dollars up the chimney.

Is Your Home an Energy Hog?
Do you know?

The US Department of Energy says that just by using poorly insulated windows and doors alone, American homeowners throw away as much energy as we get from the Alaskan oil pipeline every year. And that's only a fraction of our wasted energy, all of which results in unnecessary air pollution. The electricity used by one home puts more carbon dioxide into the air than one automobile. Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? 50% wasted could be 50% saved.

It's not all bad news, look at the bright side. If you turn the tables on your current energy use, you'll reduce your cash outlay by as much as 50%. That's why you're here: to save money (and help the environment), right? How do you do that?

What's your Energy-Saving Plan?
Your Energy-Saving Plan: Spend a little money to save a lot more money.

Home Improvement can help lower energy bills, that is.

Let's face it, no one really enjoys spending time and money on home improvements or repairs, unless you're a real home-improvement junkie. But what if making just a few minor modifications saved you hundreds on your annual energy bill? That would be worth it, right?

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