How to Insure Your Home and Save Money

How to Insure Your Home & Save Money

Once Upon a Time . . . Homeowners' Insurance is a necessary part of the package.

What you will learn about in this course:

Are You Paying Too Much?
How to Insure Your Home
How to Get Enough Insurance
Personal Property Insurance
Keeping Track of Your Belongings
Keeping Track of Big Ticket Items
"Floating" and "Endorsing"
Checking the Construction Code
Pitfalls to Avoid

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The Premium...
AKA the beginning.

Buried in your monthly mortgage escrow payment is your homeowners' insurance premium. Your lender required you to purchase insurance when you bought your home, remember? The good news is, at least you have something. But most homeowners write their monthly insurance payments without thinking twice about what they're paying for. Many Homeowners Never Ask, "WHAT IF?" But this is an essential part of owning your home. What if a storm damaged your home, or you had a break-in and burglary? Would your policy cover the loss?

Don't feel guilty if you haven't checked your policy lately to see if you're properly insured. We'll take care of that in this Mini-Course.

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