Buying Homes in Foreclosure

Buying Homes in Foreclosure

Foreclosure--The Myth.

Scary Connotations
Learn the real story.

The term "foreclosure sale" has some scary connotations, such as heartless bank officers circling like vultures around battered tenements, or evictions, or greedy investors snapping up properties for a dollar. But the real story of foreclosure sales isn't anything like the myth.

Contrary to popular opinion, foreclosed-on properties are not all alike. And they are definitely worth exploring with the guidance of a real estate agent.

What You'll learn in this course:

Benefits of Buying One
How to Begin
Purchasing a Foreclosed Home
HUD Sells Homes
VA Sells Homes
Pitfalls to Avoid
Pop Quiz
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Why Consider Buying a Foreclosed Home?

The benefits...

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