1. False. Most homeowners remodel within 18 months of purchase.
  2. True. Remodeling can increase the value of my investment.
  3. True. Not every project will be worth the same at resale.
  4. False and True. You need to consider the neighborhood and not overbuild. If you are the most expensive home in the neighborhood, you could have trouble selling. Although, if you plan on staying long term, go ahead and splurge.
  5. True. Your plan is everything.
  6. False. Not everyone is cut out for DIY projects. Consider this carefully before starting.
  7. False. There are a number of ways to create great homes on a thrifty budget.
  8. False. You may need years to complete everything. Patience is key.
  9. False. Getting a good remodeler is not easy. You must look hard and ask tough questions.
  10. True. Product choice does drives a remodeling budget.