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Extended Warranty Program

Why pay for expensive Extended Warranties when you purchase merchandise? An Extended Warranty for each product you purchase can cost you as much as $100.00 or more. As an active AHA member, whenever you make a qualifying purchase from the Shopping Service or from your local store, this Extended Warranty Program will double the manufacturer’s original warranty up to one additional year for warranties up to five years. All qualifying purchases must be made within the twelve months prior to the expiration date of your membership.


Original Warranty

Extended Warranty

Total Warranty

90 days

90 days

180 days

1 Year

1 Year

2 Years

5 Years

1 Year

6 Years

If the original warranty is in effect, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to arrange for repair. However, if a product fails after the original warranty has expired but while your Extended Warranty Program is in effect, simply call the toll-free number 1-800-937-4639 any time day or night. You will be provided with the name and address of the nearest authorized service center.


  • Cancelled check or credit card receipt indicating the purchase was made during your membership year.
  • The itemized store receipt indicating the date and place of purchase.
  • A copy of your membership card showing your membership number and expiration date or a letter from AHA indicating your membership start date and current status.
  • Product description and serial number (if applicable) and copies of the manufacturer’s warranty and warranty card.
  • Your Name, address, and telephone number.

Mail to: Membership Services c/o National Electronics Warranty Corp. (N.E.W),

P.O. Box 1360, Sterling, VA 20167

Generally, N.E.W. will pay the Service Center which repaired the item directly, provided they receive the required information in time. In certain instances, you may have to pay for repairs and be reimbursed by N.E.W.

Terms and Conditions
Most new non-commercial retail products purchased which carry a U.S. manufacturer’s written warranty of five years or less qualify for this benefit. All conditions and exclusions of the original manufacturer’s warranty apply. If in-home service is included with the manufacturers warranty, it is also provided under the Extended Warranty Program.

Program Exclusions
Exclusions from this coverage are services, traveler’s checks, art objects, cash or its equivalent, tickets of any kind, negotiable instruments, bullion, rare or precious coins, stamps, antiques and collectible items, items used for business or commercial purposes, and all vehicles except non-motorized cycles.

The Extended Warranty Program is subject to the terms and conditions of a Master Policy. If a statement in this description and the policy differ, the Policy will govern.