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24- Hour Home Repair & Emergency Service

As an AHA member you now have toll-free 24-hour, 365-day a year access to prompt, professional and reliable homeowner assistance anywhere in the U.S.A. Whether it’s a pipe that burst in the middle of the night, an electrical emergency, or even a routine problem with your heating or cooling system, you have a network of pre-screened licensed and insured national and regional manufacturers representatives, technicians, retailers and other service providers to rely on 24 hours a day. You also have AHA’s assurance of reasonable prices for the fastest service possible. Service will be provided by independent contractors arranged through an independent information and dispatch referral service. AHA shall not be responsible for the actions or liabilities of independent service providers.

When should you call on us?
For any home repair problem.  Here are some examples:
Drains in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers or bathtubs are clogged up
Pipes anywhere in the house are cracked or leaking
Toilets are leaking or overflowing
Hot water heater is malfunctioning
Garbage disposal has broken blades or motor burnout
Overloaded Circuits
Broken or improperly installed light switches
Short circuits
Broken doorbell chimes
Malfunctioning garage door openers
Hot air or no air circulating
Leaking water
Freon replacement
Fan motors
Filter or grill replacement
Lack of heat
Broken blower motors or belts
Wiring and controls
Defective thermostats
Gas leaks
Not cooling
Defrost timer malfunctioning
Defective door switch
Ice maker problems
Worn out door gaskets
Clogged or overflowing drains
Water temperature problems
Timer problems
Unit won't close or start
Clogged burners
Malfunctioning self cleaning and timing mechanisms
Bake and broiler elements not operating properly
Thermostat problems
Broken door hinges
Timers and switches not working
Draining problems
Motor burnout
Defective heating elements

How To Use This Benefit
To access this service 24 hours a day, just call 1-888-282-7478. Ext.AHA. Members are responsible for any costs associated with the repair. There is no cost to members for toll-free 24-hour a day referral by AHA's authorized dispatch service.