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Tax Preparation Services

How would you like to have your taxes prepared in the comfort of your home by a CPA at a cost less than the traditional tax preparer found in your local neighcorhood? No, the CPA doesn’t make house calls — but it’s the next best thing. You can call on a toll free number and have your taxes prepared by phone. Here’s how it works.

How To Use This Benefit
As a member of AHA, you are eligible to participate in this unique program. All you have to do is gather your tax information; then call the 800 number. No appointment is necessary.

CPAs are ready and waiting to conduct a comprehensive interview that averages about 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon the complexity of your return. Based on the information you provide, the CPA will not only determine what income is subject to tax, but help you maximize deductions so that you are taxed the lowest possible amount. Upon completion of the interview, you will receive a confidential letter that summarizes and verifies that the tax information is correct or you must indicate changes if necessary when returning your signed confirmation letter in the postage free envelope provided. You can even do this by FAX if you prefer. When the CPA receives your confirmation, your tax returns are finalized. At this point, you either have your returns filed electronically or mailed to you for filing. If the returns are filed electronically, you will receive a copy of the returns for your records.

Other services available include rapid refund loans, preparation of extension requests, estimated tax liability calculations, amendments to prior tax year tax returns, and tax planning. Costs vary according to the complexity of the return. Preparation of both the federal form 1040 and one state return is only $59.00. Additional federal forms or schedules (if required) are $40.00 each.

Our members have found this method of tax preparation is convenient, professional, confidential, fast and economical.

Matters involving disputes or actions between members and AHA or its plan sponsors, agents or their officers, directors or employees are specifically excluded from eligibility of this plan.