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Plan Your Power Tool Purchases

Purchasing power tools is an expensive part of equipping a workroom, but acquiring the workroom of your dreams is possible with a methodical, well-planned approach to your shopping.

A well-stocked workroom is the dream of every "do-it-yourselfer" and having the right tool for a particular project certainly makes home repairs easier. For the average person, stocking that workroom takes some time because it is an expensive process. Purchasing power tools increases the costs dramatically. Acquiring the workroom of your dreams, however, is possible with a methodical, well-planned approach to your purchases.

When beginning your collection, shop around and determine which tools you will actually use on a regular basis. Tools that gather dust are never a wise investment. Be sure to purchase tools made by a reputable manufacturer, and don't be lured by bargain tools. This is not the time to scrimp on equipment. A good rule to follow when buying power tools is to purchase the most powerful tool your budget will allow.�

Two main gradations of tools exist in the power tool arena: professional and non-professional. Consider the type of work you will typically be performing and use that to determine which kind of tools you need. Professional tools will cost about 50 percent more than non-professional versions, but they will come with more features than their non-professional counterparts. A professional drill, for example, will come with an extra battery pack and 16-position clutch, while the non-professional will not have an extra battery pack and will have only six clutch positions.�

Cordless tools are another option to consider in stocking your workroom. They are convenient, mobile and an energy-wise purchase. Even the most powerful cordless tools cost little to operate. Recharging a 14.4 volt drill/driver for 50 minutes of use requires less than one cent of electricity. When purchasing cordless power tools, buy only tools within the same manufacturer line and of the same voltage. This way you can interchange the batteries from one tool to another, which eliminates scheduling your home repairs based on the recharging needs of your battery. Before you buy a cordless tool, find out how long the battery takes to recharge. Tools with a fifteen minute recharge time are optimal since corresponds nicely to the time it take to get a cold glass of lemonade and rest a bit between projects.

Obtaining the perfect workroom may take some time, but with smart choices and sound purchases, you can make it happen.

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