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Are you drowning in debt? Does your mailbox overflow with bills that need to be paid and that are earning interest each month you don't pay? If so, you need to read this handy list of ways to get yourself out of debt.

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You can save money when buying a home. You may want a non-traditional mortgage or to barter for points. Here are some great ways to save.

* More Than Just the Fixed and Adjustable Rate
There are more loans out there to choose from than the simple fixed-rate and adjustable rate. Do you know what they are?

* Keeping Your Identity and Credit Safe
Is your credit based just on your actions? Have you ever wondered if someone else has messed with it or would? Identity theft is becoming a major issue in this country. Here are a few ways to protect yourself and your good name.

* Home Prices Rise in 1999

* Presidential Veto Kills Pro-Homeowner Bills

* Scrutinize Refinance Fees

* Crunch the Numbers and Drop Your PMI Payment

* Want to Invest in Real Estate?

* Mortgage Rates Soar to Two-Year High

* Consumers Squirm as Fed Hikes Interest Rate

* Who's Watching Your Deposit Money?

* Shuffling Cards to Improve Credit

* Stay Away From Foreclosure

* Mortgage Insurance Gets Cheaper for Home Buyers

* Moving Forward on a Reverse Mortgage

* Watch Out for Mortgage Fraud

* Piggy-Backs Compete With Jumbo Loans
Interest rates on jumbo loans have gone up

* What's the Key to Locking In A Mortgage?

* No-Doc and Low-Doc. New Loans Easier for Self-Employed

* Downward Direction for Down Payments

* Avoid Trouble on Your Kids' Mortgage

* Mortgage Rates Drop, Greenspan Lowers Fed Rate

* Bill Requires Inspections on FHA Loans

* President Signs Bill Supported By
American Homeowners Association

* Home Prices Soaring Higher

* Congress Raises Ceiling on FHA Loans

* Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Loan