June 08, 2003  
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About AHA

Richard Roll, founder and president of the American Homeowners Association. (AHA) America's #1 Homeowners Association Membership in AHA makes Buying, Owning and Maintaining Your Home Easier and Less Expensive. You can save money and become a better-informed homeowner as a member of AHA, the American Homeowners Association, the country's largest growing member-based homeowners organization. AHA provides over 35 services and benefits that can help take the high cost and hassles out of buying, owning and maintaining your home. In fact, as an AHA Member, you can save well over $1,000 each year by using our services, and avoid many common (and costly) pitfalls. You can count on AHA to provide you with greater convenience and peace of mind. We'll be there for you when you need us.

Our Guarantee

You must be totally satisfied with AHA. For any reason at all you may cancel your membership at any time by calling toll-free 1-800-470-2242. We'll promptly and cheerfully refund every penny on the remaining months in your membership.

Our Mission

AHA's mission is to serve homeowners and first-time home buyers by expanding their purchasing power, helping them make more informed decisions, and representing their key interests in both the public and private sectors. More . . .

Press Room

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Contact Us

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What Our Members Say

Every month we receive hundreds of stories from members about the many ways being an AHA member is making their lives easier and their budgets stretch farther. Here are just a few:

"Since I travel for a living, the hotel discount book from AHA has been a great service for me. This time I stayed at the Residence Inn in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was quoted $109/night with my 50% discount I paid less that $55. That was a wonderful savings thanks to AHA."
- Cathie Lee G.,
Grand Forks, MN

"I decided to use the shop online services. I purchased a Sony video camcorder. The model is a DCRVX 2000. The regular price is $3,199.00 at my neighborhood appliance store. As an AHA member, the total online price including delivery came to $2,689.16.
I really couldn't believe I saved a total of $509.84 with the help of AHA."

- Robert G.,
Niagara Falls, NY

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