June 9, 2007  
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What Our Members Say

Every month we receive hundreds of stories from members about the many ways being an AHA member is making their lives easier and their budgets stretch farther. Here are just a few:

"I do a lot of online shopping and being able to save the shipping costs is a big help to me, and the rebate form is very easy to use."
- Debra R., Augusta, GA

"I used the vision discount service and I could not believe the amount of money I saved. I went to LensCrafters and needed two pairs of glasses with the prescription lenses and frames. The AHA discount saved me $163.46."
- T. O., Hendersonville, NC

"It is almost always possible to find a better bargain on the web, and with the free shipping benefit it makes it even better."
- Nicole B., Clinton, IL

"I am an AHA member. The day I joined I decided to take advantage of the grocery coupons online which can save you up to $2000 off your grocery bills. I ordered some grocery savings coupons and was only charged $4.80 for shipping and handling. I saved $40.00 off my $150 grocery bill. Thanks AHA!"
- Emily D., St. John, MO

"I used the flower/gift service benefits offered to AHA members. I saved 10% on my order. It was great. I sent the flowers to a friend who was hospitalized, and I am still receiving compliments. I even used the service for my Mom on Mother's day and saved even more. Thank you AHA!"
- Hanna S.

"I called AHA looking for the 24-hour emergency repair service. Thank goodness Marie from AHA picked up the phone. She was a lifesaver for me. She enrolled me for free in the 24-hour service and within the hour she returned my call and told me a repair person would be at my house between 3-5pm that day. My furnace needed serious attention. I was amazed at the service AHA supplied. AHA took the worry out of going through the yellow pages and picking a provider at random. They sent a pre-screened and pre-qualified provider who saved me $63-or 10% off your first bill of $250.00. This benefit saved me time, money and made me feel that the job was well done. I know I will be renewing my membership come September."
- Tommie E., Dayton, MN

"My furnace is very, very old and one day it finally stopped working. I had the 24-hour emergency number on my refrigerator and wanted to try the service. I called and they took down my information and within 3 hours I made an appointment with a licensed, pre-screen contractor. The next day the contractor came and estimated the cost to repair the furnace at $127.00. I wanted to be sure I was getting the lowest price, so I want to the yellow pages and chose another provider. His estimate was $175. Of course I went with the AHA provider who fixed my furnace like new. I am here to tell you that the 24-hour emergency benefit works great."
- Clayton N., Elizabeth, NJ

"I needed to use the Legal service with regard to my recent unemployment and the many questions I had with regard to workers compensation. My AHA representative helped me get a lawyer in my area with expertise in that area. I waited only 10 minutes for the lawyer to call back. My lawyer gave me all the information I needed to get a fair hearing and advised me how to take all the necessary steps for fulfill my needs. Even when I didn't have a cent, the Lawyer referral service changed my whole life. I thank AHA."
- Herminio R., Jr., East Ely, NV


"My washing machine stopped working. My clothes around my house started to pile up. I was upset and starting looking in the paper for a new washing machine, which I could not afford. I remember seeing in my videotape about AHA a service for repairs. I called the 800 number to the AHA customer service department. A nice young lady helped me contact the 24 hours service department. The repairman showed up and in about 20 minutes he had my machine working again. Today I am calling to thank Marie and to use the 24-hour service again."
- Alvarado S., Dallas, TX

"I called AHA on February 15 to see if I could get a licensed, pre-screened contractor to come out and take a look at my bathroom. I had a leak under the concrete that always kept the floor wet. The very next day the contractor came and did a wonderful job. They were neat, clean and friendly and they only charged me $35 per hour which was very reasonable. Thank you for the savings because on my own I could have never matched that price."
- Erica K., Pinellas Park, FL

"It was a cold day in Maryland and my heat went off. I called the 24 emergency services number listed in my AHA membership booklet. The contractor was at my house within 24 hours. They estimated the job and wanted to know how quickly I wanted the job completed. Within one hour I had the job finished and they were extremely neat, fast and accurate. Thanks to the pre-screened contractor, I have heat again and my house is warm and comfortable. I am very happy with this service. The service company waived the $50 charge so the savings were better than I expected. When my air conditioner needs servicing this summer, I know who I am going to call. Thanks AHA!"
- Erlinda C., Hyattsville, MD

"I called AHA and was going to cancel until I spoke with Elizabeth. I had not used the benefits and once we started talking I realized where I could use help. I was having trouble with my septic tank, which overflows and that would be, a perfect opportunity to test the AHA services. I gave the 24-hour emergency service a call and received several firms in my area. I then received two quotes and decided on a company. The quote came up to $140 for a job that I had previously been quoted between $560-600. I am going to keep my membership!"
- Charles H., Columbia, SC

"I was interested in using the Legal Referral Service due to the fact my husband is a truck driver and was recently in an accident. I called AHA and they referred me to a lawyer in my area (Danville, PA). The lawyer returned my phone call soon after the customer service representative conferenced us together. I explained everything to the lawyer and he was very understanding. He laid out all the fees and costs involved. We went to court and everything turned out excellent and I saved over $1500 in court fees. This is an excellent service and I would definitely recommend this to friends and family members."
- Susan M., Danville, PA

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