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AHA Home University

Welcome to AHA's Home University, with over 100 online courses developed to provide you the information you need to succeed as you move from renting an apartment through buying, living in and maintaining your own home. The courses are organized into departments to help you easily find what you need, but feel free to skip around and check out all the departments.

Money Saving Ideas
» How to Buy Appliances
» How to Save on Energy Bills
» How to Insure Your Home and Save
» Lower Winter Heating Costs
» How to Buy a Foreclosed Home
Buying a Home
» Buying Your First Home
» Determining your Dream Home
» Factory Built Homes
» Purchase with an FHA Loan
» Pros and Cons of Corner Lots
Home Living
» Remodeling Value
» How to Select Carpet
» How to Hire a Contractor
» All About Feng Shui
» Woods and Islands in the Kitchen
The Great Outdoors
» Build a Safe Home Playground
» All About Arbors and Trellises
» Deck Design
» Green Grass the Professional Way
» Fences Make Good Neighbors
Healthy Home
» Build a Safe Playground
» Are You a Hazardous Waste Case
» Make Your Home a Safe Haven for Kids
» How to Make Your Home Healthy and Safe
» Are Your Cleaning Products Harmful?
Your Financial House
» How to Improve Your Credit
» Watch Out for Mortgage Fraud?
» Top 5 Homeowner Tax Saving Ideas
» Remodeling Value: Your Best Investments
» More than One Way to Pay for Remodeling

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