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Interviewing an Agent

Solid questions to ask.

Do Your Homework

It's up to you to verify the answers you get.

Never make a commitment to any agent without thoroughly checking their credentials and interviewing them. Here are some questions you should ask your agent before signing the disclosure statement or any other paper that binds you to them.

1. How long have you been in business? (You will want to find an agent who is well-established.)

2. Are you licensed? (Ask to see a current copy of the license and call to verify that it is still in effect without any complaints or judgements against it. Seeing a piece of paper that says everything is fine doesn't let you know if it is still current.)

3. Do you work primarily with sellers, buyers or both? Why?

4. What do you do to help consumers (buyers)?

5. Have you ever had any lawsuits or complaints against you? If so, describe them to me. (Always be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau and Licensing Agency for complaints.)

6. How much do you know about financing? (If they simply refer you to one lender, you may want to find someone else who is more versed in the financial end of matters.)

7. What will be your strategy and program for helping me? (They ought to have a plan in mind.)

8. How busy are you? How many hours per week will you devote to my needs? (You don't want someone who is so overwhelmed they can't devote the necessary time to helping you.)

9. Do you have any areas of specialty I should know about? (Some agents specialize in a certain type of real estate and will only stray from that area during lean times. Be sure you aren't being caught in a lean time with someone who doesn't specialize in what you are looking for. You don't want to be looking for a loft with someone who specializes in farms.)

10. What differentiates you from other agents? (Look for positive answers and quantitative responses. You want someone who is a top seller who knows his or her business.)

11. Please give me three references. (Always check on these references. Call them and ask if they would use the agent again without hesitation. People are more comfortable answering this question than offering a recommendation to someone they don't know.)

Just a Few More Tips

And then you can get going!

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