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Avoid hiring a contractor when:

  • You can't verify the name, address, telephone number or credentials of the remodeler.

  • The salesperson tries to pressure you into signing a contract.

  • The company or salesperson says your home will be used for advertising purposes so you will be given a special, low rate.

  • The builder/remodeler tells you a special price is available only if you sign the contract today.

  • No references are furnished.

  • You are unable to verify the license or insurance.

  • You are asked to pay for the entire job in advance, or to pay in cash to a salesperson instead of by check or money order to the company itself.

  • The company cannot be found in the telephone book, is not listed with the local Better Business Bureau or with a local trade association.

  • If the contractor does not offer, inform or extend the three days Right of Recision in writing as required by law. This grace period allows you to change your mind and declare the contract null and void without penalty, if the agreement was solicited at some place other than the contractor's place of business or appropriate trade premises�in your home, for instance.

Be cautious if:

  • You are given vague or reluctant answers.

  • The contractor exhibits poor communication skills or descriptive powers.

  • The contractor is not accessible.

  • Your questions are not answered to your satisfaction.

  • The contractor is impatient and does not listen.

  • Only the work is addressed, instead of your needs as the homeowner.

  • There is no presentation book of previous projects presented.

Listen to Your Gut

Intuition is still the best key to finding the right person.

You need someone who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. You need to find someone you are going to be able to trust around your family, your dog, your possessions and your life. In the end, your remodeler is going to know a great deal about you. This means chemistry.

If you do hire someone then get that funny feeling in your stomach like you just made a terrible mistake�terminate the contract.

You have a legal Right of Recission that allows you to terminate a contract without penalty up to three days after signing the contract providing the contract was signed in a location other than the contractor�s place of business (i.e. your home).

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