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How to Buy Appliances

How to Save on Energy Bills

Remodeling Value

Woods and Islands in the Kitchen

All About Feng Shui

Ceiling Fan Facts and Fallacies

How to Select Carpet

Buy the Fireplace of the Future

How to Hire a Contractor

Get Wired with Smart Technology

Divide and Conquer

Secret Storage Spots

Redecorate Your Home on the Computer

You Can Decorate with the Stars

Are Your Cleaning Products Making Your Family Ill?


Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. The best way to judge a contractor is by his ad in the yellow pages.
True False

2. A workers´┐Ż comp insurance certificate is enough to prove coverage.
True False

3. When interviewing contractors and references, it is okay to ask tough questions.
True False

4. Once the contract is signed, there is no turning back.
True False

5. There are services that provide professional background checks on contractors.
True False

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