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The Master Suite

The parent�s last retreat.

Room to Sleep and Bathe
The master suite includes a lot...

The new master suite is the result of new home builders finding space for parent�s to retreat. As the world becomes more stressful and more dual-income couples are having children, the need for a quiet place to escape has become a modern necessity.

Enter the Master Suite
The Components

What goes into the perfect retreat? Most master suites include not only a luxurious place to sleep, but a sitting area as well. But master suites are not just about sleeping. These suites focus on total pampering. The typical master suite includes: sleeping area sitting area dressing room walk-in, customized closets two-person bathroom dual sinks whirlpool or heated soaking tub shower Some of them even include luxury items, such as:

  • steam showers or steam rooms

  • rain bars in the shower

  • radiant floor heating

  • heated towel bars

  • bidets

The Key to the Master Suite

This kind of remodeling project can recoup nearly 90 percent of its investment when done correctly. Unfortunately, master suites are not cheap to build. Since they include a bath remodel as well as bedroom remodel, a good design and tight budget are essential. In fact, your return will only be as good as your with any of these projects.

The Real isn�t always monetary
The Test

Sometimes the return on investment is not enough.

Although Some Projects Pay Off BIG...

..there are more important things when you are talking about your home. We focused mostly on the financial rewards of certain remodeling projects in this mini-course, but don�t forget that there are other more important returns when it comes to your home: your happiness. Some remodeling projects may not top the list of best investments, but if it tops your wish list for your home, go ahead and do it. Unless you plan on moving in the next five years, there is no rule that says you can�t do it your way.

Think about the changes that will enhance your life in the home, and consider making those changes regardless of the financial return. The only reason to stay focused on high value remodels is if you are planting the �For Sale� sign in the morning (or near future). Otherwise, it�s your home...make it comfortable.

Now Let's Look at Some Pitfalls to Avoid...

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