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How to Save on Energy Bills

Save Money by Cancelling Your Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

How to Buy a Foreclosed Home

Energy Conservation for the Kitchen

How to Insure Your Home and Save Money

Lower Winter Heating Costs

File Your Income Tax Returns Early and Save Money

Top Five Homeowner Tax Saving Ideas


Personal Property Insurance

Your Stuff, Your Coverage

What you see is what you get. You won't get paid for damaged or stolen stuff if it isn't covered by your policy. And it's a lot tougher to get paid if you don't have some visual or written record about each individual item. Otherwise, the insurance claims adjuster will just tell you what they THINK the item is worth.

It's time for the $64,000 Question: "What do you own and what did you pay for it?" Answer the question now rather than later, after something happens to your stuff´┐Ż

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