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How to Save on Energy Bills

Save Money by Cancelling Your Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

How to Buy a Foreclosed Home

Energy Conservation for the Kitchen

How to Insure Your Home and Save Money

Lower Winter Heating Costs

File Your Income Tax Returns Early and Save Money

Top Five Homeowner Tax Saving Ideas


Keeping Track of Your Belongings

Make a Detailed Visual Record:
"What I own."

Go through every room of the house with a camera and use up lots of film documenting all indoor and outdoor furniture, computers, electronics, hobby and recreational equipment, china, linens, jewelry, appliances, silverware, clothing, furnishings, and other belongings. Better yet, use a video camera and provide your own talking narration describing each item as you film it. Then do the same thing for the outside structure of the house. You're not done yet!

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