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Keep Track of Big-Ticket Items

"What I paid for it."

Look for receipts on your major purchases and keep them on file. Whenever you buy something, add the receipts to your file. Now get on the computer and create your "What I Paid for It" List to match your visual record.

Here's what to include:

a. serial number

b. make and/or model number

c. purchase price

d. estimated current value

e. date of purchase

Keep It Safe!

Don't let your list burn up in the fire. Keep your pictures or videotape and a copy of your lists in a safe deposit box, somewhere away from your home. It may seem like a pain in the posterior to do all this, but remember the "WHAT IF?" scenario. You're coming to your own rescue in the unlikely event of a disaster. This is simple information that will help you pick up the financial pieces of your life.

Now on to the BIG Picture...

Keeping ahead of the curve.

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