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Want to Invest in Real Estate?

How to Hire a Realtor

What's the Key to Locking in a Mortgage?

How to Improve Your Credit

Watch out for Mortgage Fraud

Need a Buyer-Broker?

Learn How to Best Insure Your Home and Save Money

Avoid Trouble on Your Kids Mortgage

Downward Direction for Down Payments

How to Hire a Contractor

Save Money by Cancelling Your Private Mortgage Insurance ("PMI")

Crunch the Numbers and Drop Your Private Mortgage Insurance ("PMI") Payments

Who's Watching your Deposit Money?

Remodeling Value: Your Best Investments

More Than One Way to Pay for Remodeling

File Your Income Tax Returns Early and Save Money

Types of Loans Available for the Self-Employed

Top Five Homeowner Tax Saving Ideas


Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. For homebuyers, an agent can save you time in your home search.
True False

2. For sellers, an agent helps you understand your obligations and saves you time by marketing and advertising your home.
True False

3. A qualified buyer's agent must know the neighborhoods, property values, and homes in your price range.
True False

4. A good way to select a buyer's agent is at random, by letting agents approach you at open houses.
True False

5. How an agent represents you (buyer's agent, seller's agent, dual, etc.) is not an important factor.
True False

6. Homebuyers and sellers should get referrals from friends or associates and interview several before working with any agent.
True False

7. The major benefits to hiring a buyer's broker is that they can freely offer their opinions about a home's benefits or drawbacks or price, and represent you in the negotiation.
True False

8. Buyers and sellers should understand the broker's fees and get all their questions answered before signing a broker to represent them.
True False

9. Sellers should ask how many home sale transactions the broker has closed in the last year.
True False

10. If it feels uncomfortable, sellers don't need to ask if the broker has had ethical or legal problems.
True False

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