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Want to Invest in Real Estate?

How to Hire a Realtor

What's the Key to Locking in a Mortgage?

How to Improve Your Credit

Watch out for Mortgage Fraud

Need a Buyer-Broker?

Learn How to Best Insure Your Home and Save Money

Avoid Trouble on Your Kids Mortgage

Downward Direction for Down Payments

How to Hire a Contractor

Save Money by Cancelling Your Private Mortgage Insurance ("PMI")

Crunch the Numbers and Drop Your Private Mortgage Insurance ("PMI") Payments

Who's Watching your Deposit Money?

Remodeling Value: Your Best Investments

More Than One Way to Pay for Remodeling

File Your Income Tax Returns Early and Save Money

Types of Loans Available for the Self-Employed

Top Five Homeowner Tax Saving Ideas


Pitfalls to Avoid

1. Fooling yourself about how easy selling a home by yourself can be. Figure out if you have the time and patience to do this alone.

2. Not taking the time to understand the differences among the types of agents out there. There is a big difference between a real estate agent and a buyer broker. Take the time to find out what services each has to offer.

3. Realize that agents (of all types) have access to multiple listings that you won't be able to tap into on your own.

4. Signing up with the first agent to pass your way. Check them out. Find the right one for you. Check with friends and associates for referrals. Check references. Take your time.

5. Not knowing that an agent won't necessarily be exclusive. If you want someone truly on your side, look into a buyer broker. But pull out your wallet, cause this one type of agent costs!

6. Not reading the contract or agreement before you sign with an agent. Know your terms. Make sure they are amenable to you.

7. Not realizing that there are selling agents out there too. These people specialize in selling.

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