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Five Feng Shui Facts

For Everyone.

Feng Shui Fact 1

A home should face south and east, with higher ground behind to block cold weather. Makes sense, especially if you live in a colder region. Your house will be warmer and lighter from the sun's rays.

Feng Shui Fact 2

Avoid homes at the end of a street. A home at the center of a cul-de-sac is a no-no because the street dead-ends directly into the house. Hey, who wants car headlights targeting the living room windows?

Feng Shui Fact 3

Front doors are important in establishing your "energy flow." The doorway should be a simple architectural design with a smooth texture. The door should be flat with the front of the house or inset. Common sense again, why get carried away with an elaborately set, sharp-angled doorway or entranceway? That's too Gothic, cold and uninviting. Sounds pretty basic so far, right? You don't need to a Ph.D. to be Feng Shui Savvy.

Feng Shui Fact 4

Avoid lots that are oddly shaped, seek out square or rectangular lots. A triangular lot is problematic from a Feng Shui perspective. Irregular lots are more difficult to landscape. On smaller corner lots, there is nowhere to put the house without reducing the backyard or side yard, or putting your home too close to the street. That could hurt your resale value.

Feng Shui Fact 5

Pay attention to your senses while visiting a home. Bad odors are a source of bad energy. Look for a home that is light but not overpoweringly bright, and avoid a dark home. Smells can mean anything from moisture problems to cat odors. Both can be tough to remove or repair. On the positive side, nothing beats natural light for brightening your home and your mood. But too much can give you a headache!

There's No Magic Involved
Just Common Sense!

That's how simple Feng Shui can be. But it has hundreds of interpretations, or "sects." The Black sect, the Pyramid School... all interpret Feng Shui differently.

Don't Get Scammed...
Or Get Carried Away.

That's why it seems so magical and complex, and that's how consumers get scammed by phony Feng Shui practitioners! They take advantage of your lack of information.

Arm Yourself...

With information. Read on...

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